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Without Arduino

74 taxes included

+ Beginners guide

+ Paper models

+ LED matrix


With Arduino UNO

95 taxes included

+ Beginners guide

+ Paper models, LED matrix

+ Arduino UNO with 20 IO pins


With Arduino MEGA

119 taxes included

+ Beginners guide

+ Paper models, LED matrix

+ Arduino MEGA with 54 IO pins



The Fritzing Creator Kit is perfect for your first steps into the world of interactive electronics with Arduino.

It's all about playful learning! The paper models provided include a robot that can move its head, a true fortune teller who's never wrong and a dinosaur that notifies you of updates on twitter. With some practice, you will even be able to create small games on a LED display.

Step by step

The beginners guide introduces you to the basics of Arduino in just 130 pages with many practical examples. In addition, it also shows you how to create printed circuit boards with the free Fritzing software, all of which you can use for your future projects.

The kit comes in a robust and extensively tested box, that provides you with enough space to safely transport your electronics setup. Compartments for small parts with transparent covers show their contents and keeps everything in your kit organized.

Developed with the community

Our kits are produced in germany, or to be precise, in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Fritzing- and Arduino users helped us developing and creating a kit, that makes your first steps into the creative use of electronics as easy as never before.

Suitable for children and adults of 12 years and older.

It leaves a high-quality impression and I am really exited. The book looks great too. It just makes you just want to start right away. Great!

Erik Bartmann (Autor beim O'Reilly Verlag)

Contents of the Creator Kits:

Paper models

With the paper models and your Creator Kit you bring to life a dinosaur, a robot and a fortune teller.

Beginners guide

The beginners guide introduces you to the world of creative electronics step by step, from the physical principles to the basics of programming.

A lot of colorful LEDs

With your kit you'll get 22 LEDs (light emitting diodes) in the colors red, blue, green and yellow.

Arduino UNO

Your kit contains an Arduino Uno microcontroller board with analog and digital in- and outputs. The Arduino is the centerpiece of the kit, which you can program and trigger interactive objects with.


Direct current electromotor, that, through constant commutation, generates a rotating magnetic field.

Piezo buzzer

The piezo can produce acoustic signals when alterning voltage is applied. With a piezo buzzer you could, for example, build a parking assist system.

LED matrix

The Creator Kit contains a LED matrix. It consists of LEDs, that can be controlled separately and for instance allow you to scroll text on the matrix.


With your kit you receive 2 x 10 resistors (220 Ohm / 100 Kiloohm). Resistors are necessary, because the applied current moves too quickly through many components due to the fact that their own resistance is low. A serially connected resistor prevents components from breaking because the current flow is being limited.


A breadboard is a pinboard. You will receive two with your kit. On them, you can attach your components and wire them electronically without having to solder.

Base plate

You can mount the Arduino and the breadboards onto the base plate. That way you can transport your setup safely.


With the two push-buttons in your kit you can close circuits by pressing them. When you release the button, the circuit reopens.


MOS-FETs are a special kind of transistor, that is used to handle larger currents, as in the operation of motors.

Plug cables, short

Your kit contains 24 short plug cables.

Servo motor

A servo motor is a combination of controller, motor and gearbox. With your Arduino you can control, how many degrees the moving axis of the servo is supposed to turn.


A photoresistor or LDR is a photosensitive resistor. That means, that the electric resistance is getting smaller with more light falling on the LDR.


A potentiometer is a small, controllable resistor. With them, you can change the resistance value seamlessly by turning the regulator.


The RGB LED can glow in different colors. You can control the color, for instance by using a potentiometer.

Plug cables, long

The kit provides you with 14 long plug cables with plug to plug connections.


You can use the H-Bridge in the kit to operate your motor.

Extension cables

The Creator Kit contains 14 long extension cables with plug to jack connections.

Tilt switch

By tilting your tilt switch, you open or shut the circuit. They are especially interesting for keyboard-hacks, because they allow you to quickly realise motion controls.

Alan key

With this hex tip screwdriver you can mount your Arduino on the base plate.

9V battery clip

The kit contains a 9V battery clip, so you can use a 9V battery block for your hacks.

USB cable

With the USB cable you can connect your Arduino to the computer to program it.


The screws fix the Arduino to the base plate.


The spacers provided are placed between the Arduino and the base plate.

Many electronics kits deliver an extensive amount of components, but leave the beginners all to themselves. Fritzing significantly sticks out here with its Creator Kit – with hands on projects.

Jörg Thoma (Redakteur von


Which Fritzing Creator Kit is best for you?

Creator Kit without Arduino with Arduino Uno with Arduino Mega
For whom? For those, who already own a micro controller. Complete set with everything you need! Complete set with everything you need!
Beginners guide
Paper models
Micro controller Arduino Uno Arduino Mega
20 digital I/O pins 54 digital I/O pins
6 analogue inputs 16 analogue inputs
32 KB flash memory 256 KB flash memory
1 serial input 4 serial input
74 € 95 € 119 €
taxes included taxes included taxes included